About Quality Precast Concepts

Quality Pre-Cast Concrete made in Christchurch

INNOVATION & ACTION - Quality Precast Concepts specialises in creating innovative solutions to a wide range of precast concrete needs. Our business grew from a recognised need to find such solutions, allied to more efficient ways of manufacturing while improving quality through innovation.

QUALITY ASSURANCE – Quality control is an integral part of our daily function. We are dedicated to setting the standard for production operations, preparation and procedures. Our quality assurance programme assists Engineers, Architects and Designers who select us as quality precasters known for superior workmanship.

EXPERTISE – Our personnel have many years of industry experience between them having specialised in precast manufacture and production technologies. Our team understands product applications and specifications and as such are able to offer options with regard to innovative solutions. We offer prompt attention to client enquiries and will work with you to find the best option.

OUR CAPABILITIES – Our site covers in excess of 1 hectare with a start-up production area of 3500 m2, serviced by a 25 tonne capacity overhead crane. So plenty of room to expand as the market requires. We have invested heavily in our modern facilities to ensure efficient manufacture and product turnaround times.